Channels and behavior

How do your consumers like
to hear from you?

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So you’ve crafted the right message, you’ve determined the right time, but what about delivering it in the right place? Consumer preferences for marketing channels are influenced by a number of trends and variables, including age and gender demographics.

In our survey of 2000 U.S. fashion consumers, we got a glimpse into how these individuals discover new brands, how they like to shop, and prefer to be communicated with. We also asked the question, ‘will you be returning to physical stores post-pandemic?’ Download now to find out what they said.

According to 62% of consumers surveyed

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Ometria is a customer marketing platform that helps retailers create marketing experiences their customers will love.

Ometria is trusted by some of the fastest growing retail brands in the world such as Hunter, Olivela,, Pangaia and Tech21.